I’m Alvaro Cortes Jr, aka Lance Danger

For over 15 years I’ve been creating independent comics. I’ve done work for non-profits, freelanced my writing, and self published creator owned titles. My work is a love letter to the comics I grew up reading.

My works vary from dramatic, slice of life, action, comedy, romance, and drama. Under my own wing, Prospecto Arts, part of Truthful Comics, I have created the following:
Fred Peterson: The Mighty Warlord, Never Mind, The Mysterious Exorcist, DTF6, The Canon Girl, Weepaman y Weepito, Stupid the Cat, Clown: Rogue Assassin in collaboration with Alfred Gomez, and Hell Beneath You (coming soon).

As part of Kid Design Studios, the other wing of Truthful Comics, I have worked on:
Project: New Wave, Project: New Wave/The Mighty Warlord (coming soon), Death Island (coming soon).

My work has been exhibited in both Kingsborough Community College (KBCC) and SVA (School of Visual Arts). I won awards and scholarships as a student at KBCC, including graduating with honors in Fine Arts.

As a writer, I am currently working on the series of shorts Funnybone- Rage of the Lucky 13.